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    Commercial facilities have poor air quality due to a high volume of recycled air. Thus, it is imperative to have the air duct system cleaned on a schedule. Dirty duct systems due to viruses, mold, pollen, and chemicals will continue to be recycled throughout the building. A large number of companies that occupy commercial level buildings report poor health of workers which can be greatly due to poor air quality as a result of poor upkeep of air ducts. Keep in mind these buildings have a tight indoor system and recycled air needs to be as clean as possible to keep the people inside this tight indoor system functioning.

    Spending the time and money maintaining a good and clean air duct ventilation system can:
    ● Reduce health conditions (majority respiratory issues) in workers
    ● Reduce health costs
    ● Improve productivity and efficiency
    ● Increase profits

    Commercial air ducts are efficiently cleaned with industrial grade vacuums that are able to effectively clean large ventilation systems. As always, a technician will assess the need for repairs or replacements once it is cleaned out. Our team will only make recommendations that are necessary because we know how important your time and money is. We thank you for respecting our time and we respect yours!

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